Extreme Zone: Rocky Shore; Extreme Zone: Desert; Extreme Zone: Poles; Extreme Zone: Deep-Sea Vents; Island Zone; River Zone; Rot Room; L. Each zone—Extreme, River, Island, Rot, Global, LA. California Science Center Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. . Air & Space – See a unique collection of artifacts and hands-on activities to discover how humans design aircraft, spacecraft and space probes for specific tasks.

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Air & Aircraft; A-12 Blackbird; F-20 Tigershark; Northrop T-38 Talon; F/A-18A Hornet; Velie Monocoupe; 1902 Wright Glider; Humans in Space.

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Ecosystems – Explore the kelp forest, rocky shore, desert, poles, deep-sea vents, island zone, river zone, L.

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The Ecosystems gallery showcases Earth's diverse environments, divided into eight themed areas: Extreme Zone, Forest Zone, River Zone, Island Zone, Global Zone, L.

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. Global Zone. Island Zone; River Zone; Rot Room; L.